Artsmark criteria

Artsmark application criteria

Please note: Applications for the 2014/15 academic year have now closed. Arts Council England is currently updating Artsmark and schools and organisations that wish to participate in Artsmark are encouraged either to get involved in piloting, which will run from April 2015 to July 2015, or apply when Artsmark is formally launched in September 2015. To find out more about Artsmark developments, click here.

The Artsmark criteria documents below contain all the questions from the 2014/15 application form, as well as guidance for answers and an explanation of why the information is needed.

Artsmark and Artsmark Gold share the same criteria for Part 1 of the application.

Part 1 focuses on the quantity and range of your arts provision and the numbers of students taking part. The online application does the calculations for you.

Part 2 focuses on identifying examples of your arts provision to demonstrate what happens and why across the arts provision in your school and other setting.

Download application questions and criteria to help guide you on your way to gaining Artsmark status:

Part 1: primary, secondary, multiphase

Part 1: special schools

Part 1: pupil referral units

Part 2: primary, secondary, multiphase, pupil referral units and special schools


Part 1: further education

Part 2: further education


Part 1: youth justice settings

Part 2: youth justice settings

What happens if you don't achieve Artsmark?

We hope that all settings will take full advantage of all the support and guidance available, and so will submit strong applications which can be validated with Artsmark status. However, in line with any other assessed programme, a national standard applies and some settings may not reach it.

For most settings this will be because just one or more areas need some development work and additional support will be available through your regional Bridge organisation.

Re-submissions cost an additional fee of £20. If you do need to re-submit you'll be pleased to know that you can develop your initial application rather than start over again.